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Waterproofing of tiles In this photograph the rain is causing problems on a balcony with a tile floor. We waterproof tile floors such as this. This process normally entails improving the water flow by creating additional outlets for the water

We repair all kinds of damaged ceilings. Leaking roofs are a main source of damage to ceilings.

We do roof and wall painting. We pay a lot of attention in the preparation process of the roof or wall painting job. Even badly rusted roofs can be repaired and painted. During the preparation process we remove most of the rust.

We do damp proofing. Damp proofing is the process of preventing rising damp as well water penetrating trough walls. There are different methods of damp proofing. We will first visit the site and do an inspection before giving our

Leaking Skylights is a general problem people experience. We have no problem with repairing Leaking Skylights. In most cases it is the surrounding areas where the skylight is fixed to the roof that was not properly sealed.   

Summer is rainy season causing leaking roofs. We repair all types of leaking roofs including tile roofs, Zinc Roofs, Concrete Roofs and Slate Roofs. Sometimes repairing a roof may entail the rebuilding of a complete roof. No job is too