Problems wih Flat Leaking Roofs

Flat roofs are feared by many prospective home owners and rightly so. We have no problem in fixing even old and rusted flat roofs. We specialise in finding a solution for the unique leaking and waterproofing problems presented by flat roofs.

In most cases this entails the lifting or opening of the roof sheeting and applying bitumen fibre paste waterproofing inside overlaps. Old nails are replaced with new screws and sealed. We also treat the rusted areas, prime and paint to give the roof a good as new look.

We look for a long term solution not just a quick fix. We do not believe in quick fixes.

99% of roofs have in the past been tried fixed with acrylic / membrane waterproofing which is only a temporary solution often causing more damage in the medium to long term. The sheets rust below the membrane.