Common causes of leaking roofs-, damp and solutions

Poor workmanship 

Poor workmanship when people build expansion to their houses like in this picture below will result in leaking roofs and very often expensive damage to walls and carpets. This often happens when people acept the lowest quote on building jobs and not taking into consideration a companies history, experience and reliability.


When we repair roofs such as this one in the picture we do it as best we can to have the roof in the condition it should have been in when first constructed. This is our motto. For poor choice of building contractor there is no alternative to have the job done properly the second time. Give us a call and make it the last time.

Here we are repairing a roof that was waterproofed with membrane / acrylic waterproofing. Again this client took the cheapest quote from unscruplous or inexperienced roofing contractors.

Normal Wear and Tear

This picture shows a Slate Tile Roof in bad condition cause by normal wear and tear. In this case the wood started to rot and the Nails started pulling out.


The slate tiles must be removed and replaced. The rotten wood is also removed and replaced. Structural repairs if neccesarry are carried out. A special aluminium foil is to be installed

Acrylic / Membrane used for waterproofing on Zinc Roofs

This rust damage to a Zinc Roof was caused by acrylic / membrane waterproofing that was applied. This materials should not be used.


The rusted Zinc sheeting has to be cut out and removed. A proper flashing is installed into the box gutter.

Leaking Basement and undercover parking areas

This kind of leaking basement roof typically found in some garages and undercover parking areas is often caused by structural faults, cracked or damaged waterproofing and undected leaking or burst undergound pipes.


The exact cause of the problem should first be identified. We have special equipment to detect burst waterpipes. Structural faults are repaired and waterproofing replaced.