Now is the time for general maintenance especially on the outside of your house!

Inspections and general report – free quotations.

We can also add a photo report so that you can see for yourself.


Tiles and slate roofs

• Check for broken cracked tiles, check ridging, valleys.
• Valleys to be open. Piles of broken tiles. 
• Pigeon droppings and leaves is the major cause for blocked valleys.

Concrete roofs

• Inspect joints on torch on systems. 
• Torch on waterproofing to be over coated every 2 to 3 years.
• Outlets to be checked for cracks, waterproofing and blockages.

Zink roofs

• Look for loose roof screws, open overlaps and flashings.
• Rust starts slowly and if not treated will cause major future problems.


• Gutters to be cleaned on a regular bases and inspections for rust.


• Hairline cracks in plaster and paint. 
• Damp, moss, algae on all brick walling.
• Window sills, openings around window cranes.
• Exterior woodwork, windows, decks and hand railings.