We are open this festive season! Merry Christmas & Happy 2020!

Summer is rainy season causing leaking roofs. We repair all types of leaking roofs including tile roofs, Zinc Roofs, Concrete Roofs and Slate Roofs. Sometimes repairing a roof may entail the rebuilding of a complete roof. No job is too big or too small for us. We take pride in our workmanship and our motto is to restore the roof to the working condition it should have been in.


In the picture above you will see that we had to remove previous waterproofing materials. We then have to open up the roof sheeting and apply a bitumen fibre paste to the inside of overlaps. The roof is then secured with roof screws, bonded washers and rivets. The waterproofing is then not exposed to the sun ensuring a long lasting waterproofing solution.

We employed this process with Unisa more than 16 years ago when the roof was allready very old. Our job is still giving a lasting solution.